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Make your best gift ever!

Sometimes you want to make a special present to the people you love but it is always hard to find a suitable one. If you know that person has issues with his dog or just wish to have a well behaved dog, you can buy a gift voucher for one-to-one dog training sessions. You can find vouchers for a wide range of prices.



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My name is Lorenzo Barichella, I was born in Milan, Italy. I have been living in London for the past five years.
Since I was a child I had a passion for dogs, my family always had at least one as a family pet. As I got older I realised that my empathy with them grew into something stronger.
I have over the years, come across many dogs that had behavioural problems, at first friends would ask me to assist them getting them into a good training programme: recall, walking correctly on the leash and being generally more relaxed, and most of all obedient happy dogs.

It was not long before I realised this was something I would like to do professionally and pursue as a full time career.
I am by nature a very calm person, and I believe that this helps me achieve my goals in training dogs, a calm attitude is soon picked up by your pet and helps them to feel relaxed and respond to the demand of knowing who is the pack leader and become more responsive to commands.
I have achieved a good success rate in enabling owners to have a happy, obedient, dog. I would like to be able to assist you in becoming one of them.
With me works a team of passionate dog trainers and behaviourists performing a gentle and positive education method for dogs of any age and breed, but during our training sessions we also ensure that your dog will recognize your leadership, as learning a certain discipline can ensure that your dog will find his role in the family and always respect.
Individual approach

Every dog is an individual, before a breed or a canine. Every dog is different with its unique own personality and character.

Respect for dogs

A dog is always honest: it can't lie, it can't betray and it doesn't understand jokes. Respect his values and he will appreciate it.

Positive atmosphere

A positive atmosphere makes your dog a balanced individual, happy to learn new behaviours and to please you.


Your dog works around you, not you around your dog. Keep in mind, that interactions with it will always be on your terms.

We deliver proper education to any dog whatever the age, the size and the breed. If the issues can not be related to missing education, but to psycological problems, manifesting aggressivity and obsessive territorial behaviours, we can reccomend a proper dog psycologist to provide the necessary rehabilitation. Like every respectable school, our staff is made of great teachers, but for major issues, teachers need to work in team with a psychologist.


Your dog is a member of your family. If you have kids, you'd surely make big efforts to provide them the best possible education. So why not doing a bit also for your dog? Since your dog lives with you in your house, he is as a respectable member of the family and he shuld know how to behave in such a hostile environment. Dogs naturally grow up with their own survival instinct that totally differs from the kind of life we offer them, especially in a big city. It is extremely important to understand the importance of giving your dog a basic education in order to learn how to behave in our society.

How long does it take to change or create a behavior?

A dog isn't a machine where you can just replace a faulty part. A dog must be educated or re-educated according to the present issue and this process requires time and patience. Every dog has a different time response but every dog also has the potential to succeed.

Too many dogs across London Royal parks, do jump up to people making their clothes dirty, often knocking kids over, ignoring the recall, stealing toys from other dogs or even food from people trying to enjoy a snack. Those dogs aren't naughty, they just don't speak our language and our civil codes. So if you want your dog to do what you want, you need to create an easy but effective communication protocol. An educated dog, able to understand you and conscious of the boundries and the behaviours you want from him, is a happy and relaxed dog that you can be proud of.

In your attitude towards the dog, I find out what kind of person you are. (A. Boesset)


For a dog which needs to develop or modify certain behaviours, having a dedicated trainer will boost the successful achivements. If you want proper results, the most effective training is definitely one-to-one. Dogs must be understood and naturally leaded to correction one at a time. We reccomend to leave your dog with the trainer and show up when the desidered behaviours are consolidated to take over the trainer. Every dog is an individual and for this reason it is not possible to estimate the amount of lessons needed in order to correct a specific behaviour. Dogs learn better when happy and relaxed, and we can't make them bored for too long with a single exercise. You will see improvements lesson after lesson, doing your "owner's homework".
We do not organize classes unless a group of owners wants to book one.

Do you think ONE-TO-ONE trainings are more productive than CLASS ones?
Answer the question, clicking on the button below, and find out, how do other guests think.

One-To-One Trainings

Class Trainings

Are you still not sure?


  • Consultation
  • £50

  • 50' session*
  • £30

  • 80' session*
  • £45

  • 5 hours
  • £150 £140

  • 10 hours
  • £300 £280

  • 20 hours
  • £600 £550

* One-hour training session consists of 50 minutes.

Make you best gift ever!

Sometimes you want to make a special present to the people you love but it is always hard to find a suitable one. If you know that person has issues with his dog or just wish to have a well behaved dog, you can buy a gift voucher for one-to-one dog training sessions. You can find vouchers for a wide range of prices.


We are based in Brompton Park (Fulham SW6) and Holland Park (Kensington W8-W11). Brompton Park is a small and quiet park, almost unknown by most londoners, but it is perfect for dog training, as it is very quiet and from time to time other dogs show up with their owners. It has enough space for dogs to have a proper one-to-one training and meet other dogs only on porpuse. Holland park is a perfect place for dogs to socialize with other dogs, as there is an area where dogs can be off the lead and run free. It is normally quite crowded with many dogs aiming to play with other ones, to express their natural and wild creativity. It is a perfect environment to test all that your dog have learned during the training sessions.

Brompton Park
Holland Park


A session can be booked contacting us through the form below or by telephone. At the first appointment our trainer will mainly speak with you, totally ignoring your dog for a while. Before you get annoyed with this, it is important to explain that this is necessary for two important reasons: to observe the environment where the dog lives and to put the base of a leadership, in fact giving too much attention at first sight, would make it difficult for the trainer to be recognized as a leader by your dog. At the first appointment you will be asked to answer honestly a set of questions in order to identify the behaviours to correct, the nature of those behaviours and the method to choose to achieve quicker results.

A session can be booked contacting us through the form below or by telephone.

Brompton Park Crescent SW6 1SZ London

Phone: 077 5621 2501

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